Immune System
I am 43 year old female, I was born pre-mature with weakened immune & lung functions

The quality of my life has improved drastically since Initial treatments, I have more energy and stamina, I rest better, when I do get flare ups of asthmatic bronchitis, colds & flu's I do not have the extended down time I use to experience, and no longer loose time off from work. I no longer suffer from migraines. My digestion is better. I have seen improvement in all aspects of my health.

I use to have between 15-20 prescriptions, most due to side effects of the original prescription. Along with the Acupuncture there is herbal medicine available and I have not experienced any side effects of the ones I have used, and it is reasonably priced. The savings in just the prescription medication alone ended up paying for the treatment and there was even some money left over for the ever increasing gas prices.

Acupuncture combined with comprehensive assessment and treatment will not only help to alleviate symptoms, it will identify the cause of the problem and provide a solution. Many times knowing the cause can help to eliminate another flare up of a problem. Time is taken to get to know you and your body, and then to educate you about how your body functions, and what steps to take to achieve the best results possible.

My husband and I feel that this treatment has saved my life. If you go in with an open mind and an open heart, you could enjoy these same benefits.
- Tina Arriola From: Port St. Lucie
General Health/Pain
Since they arrived in South Florida, Amy and Hong have been a very important part of my health regime. Over the past year, I have gone through 3 major surgeries, including a total hip replacement. Before during and after these experiences, these wonderful healers helped both my physical well being and my attitude,, as a visit with them has never failed to lift my spirits and renew my energy. I know that their healing work made my complete recovery far faster than it would otherwise have been. Over time, I have introduced my husband and both of my children to their care as well. My daughters now look forward to a visit with "the ladies" every time they visit us. I value "the ladies" as friends and healers, and they remain an important part of my life. They are truly dedicated to their clients, and will make a positive contribution to the health of anyone wise enough to engage their services.
- Fran From: Singer Island
For over a year and a half I have been a patient at this Center. Hong and Amy have treated me. The improvement in my walking is evident to all my family and friends. Regular treatments have relieved my leg and foot pain. In addition the high level of professionalism these three women exhibit, they truly care about their patients and are most pleasant in their interactions with them. I would recommend them to anyone seeking relief from pain.
- Francis J Lodato (Ph.D. ABPP) From: N.A
Acupuncture changed my life! My husband and I had been trying to get me pregnant for over a year, suffering a miscarriage within that time. I had been to the Western doctor many times and each time they could find nothing wrong. I was becoming very discouraged watching all my friends become pregnant. In December 2007 I decided to try Acupuncture...the best decision I have ever made! The ladies at the Acupuncture Center are fabulous! They took their time and LISTENED to me. They truly care about you and your well-being. I am ecstatic to say that I am now 4 months pregnant! I had an ultrasound last week, it was amazing to watch this little bean moving around waving his/her hand and feet. I owe this blessing to the physicians at this Acupuncture Center.
- Jamie Down (Teacher) From: N.A
I have received regular Acupuncture treatment for over all health maintenance for several years. The quality and safety of the treatments are of the highest degree. At this Acupuncture Center they make everyone feel comfortable.
- S Hendrix (Yoga Instructor) From: N/A
Bells Palsy
Acupuncture brought back movement to the right side of my face after serious nerve damage caused by shingles. After six months struggling, I found the Acupuncture & Herbs Healthcare Center and was treated by knowledgeable, experienced and caring professionals whom also improved my general health. Thank you Ladies!
- Marlene Passos From: Palm Beach Gardens
Facial Rejuvination!
I would like to share my Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture experience with you! I am 52 years old, and felt the I was losing ground on my efforts to slow down the aging process. Despite everything that I tried, I notices my face was sagging and my lips disappearing. I wanted to avoid injections. I accidentally stumbled upon Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture on the web, and found it very interesting. After further research, I located Hong's Acupuncture Healthcare Center in my area. Dr. Hong informed me her treatment plan, and I readily committed myself. After my first visit, I was very excited and could not wait to return! Dr. Hong and Dr. Amy are very enthusiastic and wise. I have kept my scheduled appointments and am very please with my resulted! I have noticed the "elevens" between my brows are barely visible, lines around my mouth and above my lip have decreased and my greatest result is no sagging under my chin! My face has more overall tone. I look forward to each appointment; although my drive is one hour. I am so pleased and wish that I had found these enthusiastic doctors sooner.
- C. C. From: Stuart, FL
I came to Hong’s Acupuncture after several fertility disappointments that left me feeling helpless, anxious and deeply saddened.  I decided I needed a different approach to the healing I was seeking and several friends mentioned trying acupuncture, specifically Hong’s Acupuncture.  The healing started the minute I met Dr. Amy Wang.  She brings not only a deep knowledge and understanding of Chinese medicine but also the ability to read my physical and emotional needs – even when I don’t understand them.  I walked away from my first session with Dr. Amy feeling lighter and less anxious.  For the next year, we continued to work on my physically and emotional healing while I continued to explore IVF as a solution to my fertility issues.  In the end, IVF was not a solution for me and Amy asked if she could work on my fertility as well.  I was pregnant after 1 month of fertility focused acupuncture!  And Dr. Amy continued to work with me to support a full-term healthy pregnancy.  Today I have a healthy little boy and I thank Dr. Amy for this miracle!

- L. R. From: Jupiter
General Health
Hong and Amy are very knowledgeable, skillful and effective practitioners of Chinese medicine. I recommend them highly for their sincere compassion and professional abilities.,
- Susan E. Eakle From: M.A., M.Phil